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Convention of Thorns 3: 11/10/2018


This is the signup page for Convention of Thorns 3. Additional information is available in the description below or at

If you have any questions, you can send us an email at [email protected] and we will do our best to help you!

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Convention of Thorns is a game of horror and intrigue set in the world of the beloved Vampire: The Masquerade roleplaying game.

It is 1493, and night has fallen. At the dawn of the Renaissance, the secret world of Vampires is in disarray. A civil war has pit Vampire against Vampire, and risks exposing the existence of Vampires to the world and the destructive power of the Inquisition. Even the oldest and most powerful of these immortal monsters fears being torn from their secret havens and left to burn in the light of the sun.

In a desperate attempt to stop the chaos that could bring the destruction of all Vampires, a convention has been called, the ‘Convention of Thorns’, to try and broker a peace and a new set of laws that all Vampires will be governed by.

Participants will play one of these immortal monsters, joining their mysterious convention to seek power, revenge or redemption.

You can pay all at once, or you can pay in three lumps, to make it easier to spread out the expenditure.

  • Buying the 1st lump secures you a place at the larp.
  • The 2nd lump must be paid at least four months before the larp.
  • The 3rd lump must be paid at least two months before the larp.
  • This means that if you sign up less than four months before the larp, you need to pay both the 1st lump and the 2nd lump ticket immediately.
  • If you sign up less than two months before the larp, just choose ”pay all at once”
  • You can also buy 1 ticket for a newcomer friend, who has never attended a CoT larp before (Bring-a-friend ticket)

Please do not pay for 2nd or 3rd lump without having first paid for the 1st lump, your ticket will not be valid if you do so.

You are of course very welcome to pay everything at once, which gives a (roughly) 10% discount. This saves you money and makes our lives easier!

Buying a ticket to one of our events requires you to read Terms & Conditions. Please go through them carefully, you will be asked to accept them upon purchase.

Our refund policy describes the process of getting back money upon cancellation. Please read it carefully, before buying a ticket.

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us. You can read about that here.

Please note that during the process of signing up for the event you are providing us with your personal data. Please also note that we are keeping your name and email adress for casting purposes. Sometimes we also need to contact you after casting/game and therefore we will keep it for a maximum of three years. If you want to have your data deleted, just write us and we will make it happen.