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DZIOBAK LARP STUDIOS is a larp design collective, consisting of Liveform (PL), Rollespilsfabrikken (DK) and Rollespilsakademiet (DK), two non-profit organizations and a company that all work with roleplaying and alternate reality games.

We do everything from city games and educational games to big international productions – the most famous of these being College of Wizardry, which was featured in media worldwide.

We believe in changing the world through play, in staging memorable and transformative experiences, and most of all, we believe in the power of people.

We have a small core team and work with a lot of different freelancers and volunteer partners. Below you’ll find the leading DLS team.

Dziobak Larp Studios Denmark
Anders Berner
Casper Gätke
Claus Raasted
Edin Sumar
Erik Sonne Georg
Jeppe Schmidt Hansen
Lasse Küchenthal
Mark Shane Hansen
René Bokær
Sofie Støvelbæk

Dziobak Larp Studios Poland
Agata Swistak
Agnieszka Linka Hawryluk-Boruta
Fred Brandys
Krzysztof Kraus
Maciek Nitka
Mikolaj Wicher
Nadina Wiórkiewicz
Szymon Boruta

Dziobak Larp Studios Romania
Paul Bulencea

Dziobak Larp Studios Germany
Karsten Dombrowski

Dziobak Larp Studios Tanzania
Stefan Deutsch